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Programs and Services

The Edmonton Amhara Association (EAA) is dedicated to supporting immigrant Amhara and racialized families through an array of specialized programs designed to address their distinct requirements.

Our association provides a range of targeted programs that cater specifically to the needs of immigrants. These programs encompass vital areas such as settlement and integration, employment, language learning, senior support, women's empowerment, community service programs, and programs aimed at children and youth. Our services extend across various domains, offering community resource hubs, mentorship, counseling, case management, emergency support, sponsorship opportunities, scholarships, peer-to-peer support, interpretation services, and advocacy. Our goal is to eliminate systemic and structural barriers that hinder access to essential resources and services.

EAA is committed to delivering tailored, essential services that address the diverse needs of immigrant families within the community.

Programs provided by the Edmonton Amhara Association (EAA) include the following but not limited to:

  1. Settlement and Integration Program: Our Settlement and Integration Program is designed to assist newcomers in adapting to life in Canada. We offer guidance, resources, and practical assistance to navigate the settlement process, including support for housing, education, healthcare access, and understanding Canadian cultural norms.

  2. Employment Program: EAA's Employment Program focuses on aiding immigrants in their job search and career development. We provide support in resume building, interview preparation, skill development, and connecting individuals with potential employers or job opportunities.

  3. Language Learning Initiatives: EAA offers language learning programs to enhance the language skills of newcomers. These programs are tailored to improve English language proficiency, facilitating better integration into the local community and workforce.

  4. Senior Support Services: For seniors within the immigrant community, EAA provides specialized support, addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by elderly individuals. This includes social activities, mental health assistance, language practice, technology guidance, and mentorship opportunities.

  5. Women's Empowerment Program: The Women's Empowerment Program is designed to support and empower women within the immigrant community. This includes leadership training, networking opportunities, advocacy, and resources aimed at promoting gender equality and empowering women in various aspects of their lives.

  6. Children and Youth Programs: Our programs for children and youth focus on their holistic development, providing educational support, recreational activities, mentorship, and opportunities to engage in community-building initiatives. We aim to support the educational and social needs of young individuals to help them thrive within the community.

  7. Community Service Program: The Community Service Program at EAA is committed to facilitating community engagement and social involvement. It aims to empower immigrants by encouraging volunteerism, building social connections, and promoting active participation in community development. This program offers various opportunities for individuals to give back, participate in community events, and engage in volunteer activities such as arts and crafts sessions, neighborhood improvement projects, cultural exchanges, and collaborative initiatives. Through the Community Service Program, EAA fosters an environment where immigrant families can actively contribute to the community. It provides platforms for social interaction, networking, and personal development, promoting a sense of belonging and purpose within the diverse cultural landscape of Edmonton. This initiative plays a vital role in instilling a spirit of volunteerism and community involvement among immigrants, contributing to the greater well-being of the entire community.

These programs collectively offer community resource hubs, mentorship, counseling, case management, emergency support, sponsorship opportunities, scholarships, peer-to-peer support, interpretation services, and advocacy. The goal is to eliminate systemic and structural barriers and ensure access to essential resources and services for immigrant families, enhancing their integration and well-being within the community.

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