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About Us

Edmonton Amhara Association protest against the genocide of Amhara people in Ethiopia

Edmonton Amhara Association

The voice of the voiceless

Edmonton Amhara Association (EAA) is a registered not-for-profit organization established by Ethiopian – Canadians of Amhara descents who reside in the great Edmonton area and its surrounding regardless of their political views and/or religious beliefs. The association aspires to be the voice for voiceless Amharas in Ethiopia and strives to see the end of systemic marginalization, suppression, atrocity crimes and gross human right violations against fellow Amharas in Ethiopia, and to promote the culture, language, heritage and identity of Ambara. It also endeavors to build a healthy, active, and socially versatile Amhara society that could inherit all the Goods of their ancestors.


  • To support newcomer Amharas in the greater Edmonton area to integrate to Canadian society with ease by providing resources such as information in English language skill training, job searching, finding a place to live, registering children for school and day care, opening bank accounts, acquiring driving license, finding family doctor, filing income tax returns and introducing to recreational and other social events;

  • To create a platform that aggregates resources (material, financial, knowledge, spiritual, and others) to support Amharas in Greater Edmonton to improve the socioeconomic conditions;

  • To contribute to the educational, political, economic, and social development of Amharas living abroad and in Ethiopia by:

  • sponsoring Amhara refugees living abroad to Edmonton and providing settlement support;

  • contributing to essential services to Amharas in Ethiopia who survived forced internal displacement, tortures and imprisonment by raising money/materials through fundraising events;

  • Organizing events, rallies and demonstrations to be the voice for the voiceless Amharas and to bring awareness to Canadian Government and Canadian Society the atrocities and persecutions that are being perpetrated against Amhara people in Ethiopia.


Our Address

6010 171 Ave NW
Canada. Postal code T5Y 3S6

+1 7805668360

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