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Edmonton Amhara Association protest against genocide of the Amhara people in Ethiopia

EAA Membership

Edmonton Amhara Association (EAA) is a registered not-for-profit organization established by Ethiopian – Canadians of Amhara descents who reside in the great Edmonton area and its surrounding regardless of their political views and/or religious beliefs. Be a member and help our virtuous cause!

Membership Eligibility/Terms of Admission of Members

  1. Be at least 18 years of age,

  2. Be resident of Edmonton and surrounding areas,

  3. Be Amhara or Amhara descendant

  4. Submit written application for membership, and

  5. Pay membership dues


Members Rights and Obligations

Members Rights

  1. Members have the right to participate in meetings, elections, to be elected, to vote and to express their ideas in meetings.

  2. Bring ideas and submit new proposals which are deemed beneficial and promote the mission, values and objectives of the association.

  3. Express freely or file any discontent or dissatisfaction to the Executive Committee to hold a hearing.

  4. A former member who revoked his/her membership or submitted withdrawal application has no the above membership privileges effective the date the withdrawal application is accepted or membership is revoked.


Member Obligations and responsibilities

  1. Shall be responsible for behaving in accordance with EAA bylaw and the values, mission and objectives of EAA

  2. Pay annual fee on time: pay registration fees within given period of time

  3. Attend and actively participate in events and meeting

  4. Notify any changes of address or contact information

  5. Conserve and efficiently use assets and services of the association

  6. Perform a voluntary service for the association when assigned by the Executive committee.

  7. Refrain from initiating or taking part in any disruptive or divisive action or language that adversely affects the unity and coherence of the association


Members Dues and Emergency Contributions

Member Fees

  1. Membership registration fee is $30.00

  2. The amount required for annual dues is $ 20.00.

  3. The amount may be revised by members every year during the general assembly.

  4. The annual membership fees must be paid on/or before December 31 of every year.


Considerations of seniors and newcomers to be members with free membership fee

  1. Newcomers who support the vision and goals of the society can be members for one year without membership fee contribution.

  2. Seniors will be free from membership fees.

  3. These members are expected to do voluntary service for the association. The voluntary assignment will be decided by the Executive committee.

EAA Membership Registration Form

Marital Status


Our Address

6010 171 Ave NW
Canada. Postal code T5Y 3S6

+1 7805668360

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